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PO Box 303 Linwood NJ 08221


We have input all of the E-mail Addresses, and just like Santa, we have checked the list twice! If you have not provided us with an E-mail address, please send it to  Unfortunately, many e-mails keep coming back. We utilize a BCC address string in an attempt to protect members e-mail addresses and avoid getting caught in spam filters. However, especially with Comcast, AOL and sometimes Yahoo e-mail addresses, the e-mails sometimes still get sent to spam.

There are a few things you can do to try to make sure you get our e-mails:

1. Add to your contacts list.

2. Adjust your spam/Security settings.

3. Set up a gmail address and add us to your contacts.

4. After adding us to your contacts, feel free to send an e-mail to this address. Some spam filters will not flag an e-mail from an address to which you have sent an outgoing e-mail.

I am by no means a tech expert. I have provided you with every trick I know.  If you still are not getting our E-mails, please contact your e-mail provider.

Harry Franks